Non-Traditional, Adult and Returning Student Scholarships

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  • May 9, 2019
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Obtaining an education is among the best accomplishments an individual can achieve. That is the reason it is not uncommon for pupils, after placing their schooling on hold for some reason, choose to come back to college to finish their schooling. The fantastic thing is that scholarship providers recognize that and provide scholarships especially to these pupils, since returning to college is an achievement in and of itself.

It is crucial that the scholarships are readily available to, lots of the scholarships refer to school years and don’t define age conditions but remain available to unconventional, returning or mature pupils. Some of those under scholarships, nevertheless, have age and student status conditions. Furthermore, some need specific spans of time to get lapsed because you have been enrolled in college.

Have a look at the scholarships below for non-traditional, adult and returning students:

Please note: Several of these scholarships are all school-specific, that means you might not be qualified for all (or, any) of the below scholarships.

  1. Non-Traditional Scholarship

Award Amount: 10 Awards from $500 – $1,500

Accessible to: Minimum Age 25 years

Even the Non-Traditional Scholarship is offered to students who had graduated high school seven years back, have a minimum GPA of 2.5 and show financial need to qualify for this particular award.

  1. Adult Learner Grant

Award Amount: $5,000

Available to: College Students; Ages 55+

This scholarship is available to students at Calumet collage and you should be 55 years old or older to qualify for this award.

  1. Patrick Atkinson Scholarship

Award Amount: 3 awards of $1,000

Accessible to: Minimum Age 25 Years

Available for Non-traditional pupils at Bismarck State College. You have to establish a solid commitment to academic achievement and volunteering. Additionally, you ought to be pursuing research in a field which has a positive and direct effect on improving health, education, economic and community growth for North Dakota residents.

  1. Patrick Atkinson Scholarship

Award Amount: 3 Awards of $1,000

Available to: Minimum Age 25 Years

Non-traditional (ages 30 and over) female pupils at Christopher Newport University. Moreover, you ought to can show financial need.

  1. Non-Traditional Adult Scholarship

Award Amount: Varies

Available to: Minimum Age 25 Years; College Freshman through College Senior

Offered at the University of North Carolina, this Scholarship is available to female adult undergraduate students.