How to Write a Resignation Letter

So, you have decided to move on. Having signed the dotted line on your new gig, you understand that all that’s standing between you and getting onto your new amazing position is submitting the resignation letter to your current job.

The resignation letter is often the first step of quitting a job. You have to submit a two weeks’ notice and sit your boss for a one-on-one conversation. The document you send will not only set the tone for the following two weeks in the office, but it will also determine your relationship moving forward. Here is a template to guide you.

Part One: The Basics

There is no need to steer your creative wits to sugarcoat everything. Simply state the position you are resigning from as well as the date you want to affect this. Although you may have shared with your boss the reasons for leaving, there is no need of including them here. Keep it simple and precise.

Dear [the name of your boss],

Kindly accept this letter as a formal notification of my resignation from my position as the [title] with [company name]. My last day here will be [date].

Part Two: Gratitude

It is only fair that you that the employer for allowing you to be part of the company. Here, you can describe the things you enjoyed doing and why you loved your job. Although you are thrilled to be leaving, there are things that made you want to come to work each day. Also, remember that you might require your boss as a referee later on, so leaving things on good grounds will leave a positive impression.

Part 3: The Pay Off

Conclude by stating your willingness to help out with your transition. There is no need to dive into great detail. Also, avoid promising things you cannot deliver. Wrap up by saying you will perform your roles dutifully to the end.