How to Survive the 3 Types of Career Transitions

You are fired!

It is devastating to wake up one day and find out that you are jobless. One of the ways to get through this is by asking for help. Along your career, you probably met a few people, or a lot of them. Use your old contacts to look for another employment opportunity. The toughest part will probably be picking up the phone and making that call. In the end, however, it will all be worthwhile.

You have decided to take a leap

Another career transition is “jump”. This is where you voluntarily decide to take up a new place, position or responsibility. Such a transition requires you to have a strong character and thick skin, because you are moving into the unknown. You are bound to face challenges along the way, and understanding how to manage them determines how well you make it. One should define his or her core values and personality if they want to crack this transition.

You are at the dead end of your career

This transition can be termed as “the ceiling.” This is the job you keep doing even when you know that career advancement is impossibility. Getting relief from that kind of a situation requires you to develop a new skill set. An ideal example of such a situation is when a mid-sized company is acquired by a much bigger one. That way, the workers of the smaller company have zero chances of advancing since the top positions are already occupied.

So, what should you do? Look for other things you can do outside the company. For instance, you may use your knowledge to start a blog or write a book. However minor this might seem, it is essential in seeing to it that you nurture and build your personal brand. Our minds appreciate even the slightest idea of growth and will be nourished by your new venture.